Below, you will find answers to some of our common questions about Car Diagnostics 4 Less
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Why does Antivirus block your software keygen or activator?
Anti-virus is usually configured to resist the installation of free software. It’s primarily because some free software constitutes security threats to most PCs. There is no cause for alarm if the Anti-virus flags our activator on your system.

How can I overcome this challenge?
Our software is virus free. You can block or uninstall your antivirus to install our software.

I can’t access the compressed file. It’s corrupt. What can I do?
Simply update you existing Winrar ( or 7-zip ( software to the latest version and then clean your PC with CCleaner (Free).

How do I open an ISO file?
You can use Daemon tools lite software ( or Virtual Clone Drive ( Both are free to use.

How can I install the software?
Kindly use the PDF instruction file. You can always contact us if you need further help

Do you provide help with the actual use of the software?
This software is intended for advanced users. We do not provide assistance in programming, testing, setting up the computer, installing drivers and equipment. The user must be able to do it. If you’re stuck with the software installation, we recommend that you get someone who is more technical than you to help with this part. We can only provide support for software download and installation and we can do that remotely via Teamviewer (

File download link fails to work, what’s the next solution?
Kindly contact us now by email