Xentry Passthru 2021

This is a PassThru version ready to work with interfaces like VAS5054A, KTS 540/560 passthru, Chipsoft, GM MDI2, genuine AVDI, MONGOOSE PRO 2 CAN/ISO CABLE, TRACTIX OPENPORT 2.0, Toyota MVCI. The main benefits of being to use Pass Thru interfaces as opposed to Star Diagnosis equipment is that you save a lot of money!!!

Xentry Features

ABR/ESP – Events, EEPROM values
ABR/ESP – VIN manual writing
ABR/ESP – VIN resetting
ACM – Regeneration speed threshold DPF
Air conditioning/ACC – Special settings
Airbag/SRS – EDR
Airbag/SRS – Roadside Assistance Vehicle
Airbag/SRS – Special settings
Airbag/SRS – System information
Airbag/SRS Transporter – Security components deactivation
ASSYST PLUS – Re-arrange service memory
AWF/SG-AWF – Object recognition
BMS – Close training via diagnostics
CDI2 – Adjustment of EGR
CDI4 – Adjustment of ERG
CLCS – Manual calibration of level sensors on customer rrequest
Codings for Citan
COM – GSM-Antenna resistance
CRCM207 – CRCM Topcontrol
CTT-ECUs – CTT Special parametrization
ECallRus – VIN writing
Edison – Programming
Engine – Fault memory
Engine – Regeneration DPF, flashing
EZS – Teach-in of new car keys 451/454
EZS – Temperature correction
EZS/FBS4 – Offline locking of key or key track
FDOK – Blocked vehicles
FDOK – Unlock documentation
GS Special parametrization
GS2 – Programming
Immobilizer code model range 415, 453
KI/IC – 120kmh warning deactivation for Gulf countries
KI/IC – Adaptation maintenance interval
KI/IC – Belt warning
KI/IC – Reset to the global encodings
KI/IS – Deactivating of the mirros functions
Manoeuvring – Special calibration and other special measures
MBConnect – Deactivation
mbrace – Current VIN writing for ECU
mbrace – Login details for cellular network
MCM – EOL valves
MoTelDiS – logging
MoTelDiS – Telephone cradle recover-flashing
NAG – Adaptation data
NAG – EEPROM values
NAG – Kueb lockup
OBL22kW – Vehicle-Homepage update
Offline activation
Powertrain Gateway – Extended
Powertrain Gateway – Force flashing
RWTS – Desensitize tailgate closure S211
SAMF – Chassis
SAMF – Interior light function
SAMF – Outdoor light function
SAMR – EDW-Alarm
SAR – System information
Seats – Special settings
SGR – System information
Stationary heater/STH – Special settings
TGW4 – HU internal logfile creations
TGW4 – Video-AUX activation for special protection vehicles
TP – FleetBoard support
TP5 – TP5 Bras default settings
TSG – Adjustment of window lifters 212

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7 (64 bit)
Windows 10 (64 bit) 

** We can activate Xentry for you remotely via Teamviewer

This software is intended for advanced users. We do not provide assistance in programming, testing, setting up the computer, installing drivers and equipment. The user must be able to do it. If you’re stuck with the software installation, we recommend that you get someone who is more technical than you to help with this part.


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