Subaru Fast 2 EPC Europe General or USA 2018

Subaru Fast contains the spare parts catalogue for european and usa market Subaru vehicles. Both LHD and RHD models.

Electronic spare parts catalog SUBARU FAST contains a catalog of car parts SUBARU, since 1992.
Sets the directory for the selection of spares just Subaru Fast, works with the CD in a session MS-DOS, or from the hard disk – the data from the CD copied to disk to any folder in the installation program set the path to that folder.
The distribution of A1 only drive in Europe

Subaru Fast Europe contains the spare parts catalogue for european market Subaru vehicles.

Models covered by Subaru Europe EPC

A10 L SERIES (1985-1994)
B10 LEGACY (1989-1994)
B11 LEGACY (1993-1998)
B12 LEGACY (1998-2003)
B13 LEGACY (2003-)
C11 SVX (1992-1994)
C12 SVX (1993-1996)
D10 E SERIES (1986-1994)
D11 E12 (1992-1998)
G10 IMPREZA (1992-2002)
G11 IMPREZA (2000-2007)
G12 IMPREZA (2007-)
J10 J SERIES (1986-1995)
R10 M70&M60 (1987-1989)
R11 M80 (1989-1992)
R12 VIVIO (1992-1993)
R13 VIVIO (1993-2000)
S10 FORESTER (1997-2002)
S11 FORESTER (2002-2007)
S12 FORESTER (2007-)
W10 B9 TRIBECA (2006-)

010000Retrieve Parts Number
020000Maintenance Service Part List
030000Damage Assignment
040000Illustration Select(Damage Assignment)
050000Illustrated Index Selection
060000Illustrated Index
070000General Index
080000Enter FIG Group
090000Group Index
100000Enter FIG No.
110000Part Name Selection
120000Part Code Selection
130000Parts Illustration (XXX)
140000FIG-No. Selection
150000Model Code List
160000Model Change List
170000Illustration Select
190000Part Number Selection
220000ITCA Part Number Selection
260000Title Change
270000Confirmation of the E-Mail transmission
280000Save as text data
290000Result of Data Save
310000Save As
320000Wide Range Retrieval
360000New Folder
370000SUBARU-FAST Update
380000Price Indication Tool
410000User’s Memo
412000User’s Memo
414000Add The User’s Memo
416000Add The User’s Memo
418000Change(or delete) The User’s Memo
420000User’s Memo List
422000Set Print Area
450000Retrieve Model Code
460000Model Code List
470000Retrieve ITCA Part Number
480000Automatic Q’ty Indication

Subaru Fast 2 EPC Europe General or USA 2018 ss-01


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